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November 27


Unleashing the power

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Erin
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In a world facing climate emergency, transforming
fairly towards a fossil-free energy system in Europe has never
been more urgent. Communities across the world are already
feeling the impacts of climate breakdown. Europe, as one of
the world’s richest regions and the birthplace of the industrial
revolution, has the responsibility to lead the fight to fix it.
A socially fair energy transformation means putting
renewable energy into the hands of communities and people
– taking back power from the fossil fuel industry, which has
consistently blocked action that threatens its own financial
interest, at the expense of people and the planet.
All over Europe, the energy revolution is gaining
momentum. Individuals, communities, cities and local
authorities are at the vanguard of Europe’s energy transition:
they are increasingly controlling and producing their own
renewable energy, and fostering the transition to fairer,
democratic and decentralised energy. It was citizens who built
Europe’s first wind turbines by joining together in cooperatives
(or ‘renewable energy communities’).
People and communities all over Europe are installing their own
renewable energy projects and energy storage systems, and
taking the lead on insulating homes and buildings. Community
energy has the power to achieve an energy transformation
more quickly, fairly and with added social benefits.

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