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March 29


Thailand Power Development Plan 2018-2037 (PDP 2018)

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Erin
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According to the government policies of electricity, the framework of the Thailand Power Development Plan 2018-2037 (PDP2018) formulated in line with the Energy Efficiency Development Plan (EEDP) and the Alternative Energy Development Plan (AEDP) was approved by the National Energy Policy Council (NEPC) as the followings:

1. Energy Security: dealing with an increase in power demand taking into account fuel diversification to lessen the dependency of one particular fuel

2. Economy: maintaining an appropriate cost of power generation and implementing energy efficiency

3. Ecology: reducing environmental and social impacts by lessening carbon dioxide intensity of power generation 

The PDP2018 was formulated in line with social and economic development direction addressed by the office of National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB). The average growth of projected long-term Thai Gross Domestic Products (GDP) estimated by the NESDB was 3.94 percent. With the integration of the PDP2015 and the EEDP to foster energy efficiency, the expected energy saving would be 89,672 GWh in year 2036.

Moreover, renewable energy, for instance, municipal waste, biomass, biogas, wind and solar power generation will be encouraged according to the AEDP. Investments in transmission and distribution system will accommodate renewable energy and smart-grid development. 

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